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SKロゴ Niigata seiki is now manufacturing and selling various
measurement tools as an original brand called "SK brand."
And many custmers are pleasure to use our products.
We, "SK" brand, promiss reliability to all the customer.
Three superiorities of "SK" brand
Our SK products have tried to keep great precision as the high quality to get the customers’ reputation since Niigata seiki has been established about 50 years before.
SK brand will have kept the great precision based on our know-how and well organized manufacturing management system in long history.
We are continuously trying to innovate our products based on users' voice.

SK Bland always tries to be the best for all the customer by producing wha they need exactly.

We would like to be the company taking the part of contribution for society.
Our products are manufactured by considering various scenes and can be more than enough for those scenes.

Our SK brand products must be the most reliable one as your best partner.
If you want to know more detail about us
測定工具総合カタログ Niigata seiki has published the comprehensive tool catalog mentioned all the information of our SK brand measurement tools.
If you would like to have one, we are pleasure to send you our catalog.
All of the SK products information is here.
Measurement tool catalog vo.116
Request the catalog
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