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Corporate Philosophy, Message from the president
Corporate Philosophy
We will contribute to society through the provision of
quality goods and services with a reasonable price.

We provide convenience and enjoyment through the provision of goods and services.

We will always work and face challenges with a positive outlook.

Our satisfaction depends on our customers' happiness, and with that we will continue to grow.
Message from the president
CEO Toshiyuki Ikarashi
We, Niigata Seiki, have earned the trust of our customers in the manufacturing and industrial base of Japan for the essential field field of MEASUREMENT. Our products, bearing the SK brand, are praised by our customers for their reliability and high precision.
Thanks very much to our customers, we can be proud of the products we produce.

We believe that the customer’s prospective should not left behind in the this rapidly changing information society. "Customer focus" will continue to be important for industry in the future.

In response to our customers' trust and expectations, Niigata Seiki has to deliver on our promise as we sell our products. This is how we maintain our customers' prospective, and this will lead to the further development of the Niigata Seiki in return.

At the 50 year anniversary of our founding, we look forward to the future 100 year anniversary by building on our existing know-how with steady determination. By combining our imagination with action we will continue to innovate and grow. As we expand our business overseas our aim is to make the SK brand indispensable to manufacturers throughout the world, as it is in Japan.

We look forward to your continued patronage, thank you.

Toshiyuki Ikarashi
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