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Corporate History
Corporate History
Aug. 1960 Niigata Seiki Co.,Ltd. was founded,
Manufacturing and selling measurement tools had been started.
Capital started from 2 million yen.
Shigeo Igarashi was raised to representive director.
Feb. 1966 Capital increase up to 7 million yen.
May. 1969 Tsukanome factory was built in Tsukanome, Sanjo-shi.
Capital increase up to 10 million yen.
Apr. 1974 R&D had been organized in Hayashi-cho, Sanjo-shi.
Sep. 1978 Sudo factory was built in Sudo Shinden, Sanjo-shi.
Manufacturing and sales of pin gauges and ring gauges had been started since then.
May. 1983 Capital increase up to 40 million yen.
Jul. 1984 Alton Inc. was founded.
Manufacturing and sales of diamond tools were started.
Aug. 1986 Taipei office had been established in Taipei, Republic of China.
Dec.1988 Yokkamachi factory was built in Yokkamachi.
Sep. 1990 Yokkamachi factory was authorized as representation of JIS.
Nov. 1994 Shanghai office had been established.
Sep. 2000 All the factories and devisions achieved ISO 9001 certification.
Nov. 2003 Nagoya office had been established in Toyoake-shi, Aichi.
Sep. 2004 PT (Precision Tool) operation division was established in Tsukanome, Sanjo-shi.
Apr. 2005 Toshiyuki Ikarashi took office as the second representative director.
Nov. 2006 Osaka office was established in Osaka.
Mar. 2009 SK calibration center became as a JCSS calibration operator.
Aug.2012 Shanghai office became Niigata Seiki Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd.
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