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About Calibration Service
Calibration services at economical price and fast turnaround time. With our measurement technology we can support a variety of measuring and monitoring equipment  for the customer.
What is Calibration?
It is defined as "using a standard device to obtain the relationship between the value indicated by the measurement instrument, with the true value."
Calibration firm does not determine acceptability of the result and the equipment owner will have to make a judgment based on the measurement the device performs.
Calibration services
Calibration services provides cost effective certification of measurement equipment calibration for use with periodic ISO-9000 audits.
Niigata Seiki is registered as calibration operator, equipped with instruments and standards which are traceable to national standards.
Calibration of a measurement equipment Traceability
ISO-9000 series has certain requirements related to the management of measurement equipment.
In order to be ISO certified, measurement equipment used in inspection or testing must be calibrated on a regular basis to maintain accuracy.
Traceability requires that at each step the measurement instrument and standards used to perform calibration, are themselves calibrated one after another to a higher accuracy on a pathway leading to a national standard and international standard.
Our company can help measurement equipment management corresponding to the ISO requirement by calibrating using standards traceable to national standards.
Features of the calibration service
Features of the calibration service
※1 Excluding Saturday, Sunday, national holidays
※2 ‘EX calibration service’provide calibration at 4 business days after receiving the item. (some items are not eligible for EX service.)
The delivery time can vary with large quantities. Please contact for us for more information
Inquiries about the calibration service
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