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About Niigata Seiki
The customer is paramount. We aim to provide reliable products.
Registered as a JCSS calibration operator
The Pin Gauge industry's first JCSS certified in category of “Length” in 2009.

Registered as a JCSS calibration operator
Registered as a JCSS calibration operator
JCSS logo Logo on the left is a Calibration service mark registration system based on Japanese law.
Niigata Seiki calibration center is registered as operator, category of length measurement, accreditation number 0232 on the basis of ISO/IEC17025
JCSS registered operator has been registered on the basis of the ISO/IEC17025.

*ISO/IEC17025: international standard that defines the general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. JCSS accreditation is certified according to this standard.
New JIS standard certified
JIS logo The Yokkamachi factory of Niigata Seiki (manufacturing rulers, carpenter squares) are certified as new JIS standard.

JIS mark indicates that product is certified compliant to JIS (Japan Industrial Standards) quality requirements.
JIS B 7516 Metal Square
JIS B 7534 Metal Square
ISO9001 certified
Niigata Seiki, achieved ISO9001 certification in 2000 to provide reliable and quality product through quality management system, since updated to latest ISO 9001: 2008 version.
All Niigata Seiki factories and divisions are certified ISO9001 to insure customer satisfaction and the continued development of high-precision products.

Japan DIY Industry Association member
Japan DIY Industry Association
Niigata Seiki is a member of the Japan DIY Industry Association.

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