The importance about private information proctection is recognized at Niigata seiki Co.,Ltd.
(it is merely described as a company henceforth)
On business operation, the following plan is decided, this is protected about required personal information handling,
and protection of personal information and management are carried out.

【 About acquisition of personal information 】
(1) According to the privacy policy of our company, I manage the personal information got from the visitor.
(2) A visitor's personal information expresses the contents, such as a name, a postal code number, an address,    a telephone number, a birth date, and the mail address.
(3) At the time of the inquiry from the WEB site which our company manages, or an advertisement,
   a visitor's personal information is got, when you use our services.

【 About use of personal information 】
(1) The personal information of the person who obtained an inquiry and request for information
   is used in order to announce you data sending, the campaign information which our company service
   and connection include, etc.
(2) When performing guidance of an interview, and the data sending and the various check connection from a
   selection result and our company, use the personal information of the person who subscribed for the job
   offer of our company.
(3) If there is a demand of an indication, correction, deletion, a use stop, etc., the personal information
   received from the visitor will be processed after checking that it is the request from the person himself/herself.

【 Be related with the personal information disclosure to the exterior 】
Our company is except when decided by law, and when there is no prior consent of the person himself/herself,
 it does not hand others personal information.
 In the following case, a visitor's personal information is passed to an interested department.
(1) When indicating based on the warrant which a court sends, other determination and commands of a court,
   or a statute.
(2) When there is reference of information with the lawful and proper procedure from criminal investigation,
   the police, and a supervisory authority.

【 The reference about a privacy policy 】
When there is a question about private information proctection in a WEB site,
Please contact me using inquiry form.