Aug. 1960Niigata seiki Co.,Ltd. is established,
Manufacturing and selling of a measurement tool is started.
Capital of 2 million yen
Representative director Shigeo Igarashi
Feb. 1966capital is increased to 7 million yen.
May. 1969Tsukanome factory is built to Tsukanome, Sanjo-shi.
Capital is increased to 10 million yen.
Apr. 1974Research institute is established to Hayashi-cho, Sanjo-shi.
Sep. 1978Sudo factory is built to Sudo Shinden, Sanjo-shi.
Manufacture and sale of a pin gauge ring gauge are started.
May. 1983Capital is increased to 40 million yen.
Jul. 1984Alton, Inc. is founded.
Manufacture and sale of a diamond tool are started.
Aug. 1986Taipei branch establishment to Republic of China Taipei.
Sep. 2000Attestation of ISO 9001 is acquired.
Nov. 2003Nagoya office is established to Toyoake-shi, Aichi.
Sep. 2004PT (Precision Tool) operation division is established to Tsukanome, Sanjo-shi.
PT operation division
6-15-22, Tsukanome, Sanjo-shi, Niigata-ken
Apr. 2005Toshiyuki Igarashi is inaugurated as a representative director.
Nov. 2006Osaka office is founded to Osaka.
Mar. 2009Calibration center is registered into a JCSS proofreading entrepreneur.