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SK-LOG Lite Edition Software Download
SK-LOG Lite Edition
You can connect to multiple measuring instruments and import the measured data into Excel.
  • List display and tolerance display are possible with multiple connections.
  • The cell designated output to EXCEL is possible.
  • Automatic version upgrade function.
  • Voice reading function of measured values.
  • Visually easy to use with command buttons.
  • Able to connect with various measuring instruments.
●Target model
  • Vernier calipers
    • S-LINE Digital vernier calipers(MW series)
    • S-LINE Digital vernier calipers(S series)
    • Digital caliper(GDC series)
  • Micrometer
    • Electronic digital S-LINE micrometer(MW series)
    • Electronic digital S-LINE micrometer(S series)
    • Electronic digital S-LINE three-point internal micrometer
  • Indicators
    • Digital S-LINE indicators(MW series)
    • Digital S-LINE indicators(MH series)
    • Digital S-LINE indicators(DEI-233 series)
    • Digital S-LINE indicators(DEI-WKS series)
    • Digital S-LINE test indicators(DEI-234 series)
  • Levelnic
    • DL-SXY
    • DL-S4W
    • DL-S3
    • DL-S2W
    • DL-m3
    • DL-D5
  • Digital Protractor
    • DP-180
    • DP-30XY
    • DP-10XY
    • BB-180W
  • Mitutoyo
    • Digital caliper
    • Digital Micrometer
    • Digimatic Indicator
  • Lite version
  • Standard version (Web authentication version, USB dongle version)
  • Note:The Lite version is limited to one connected device and the cell specification output function of EXCEL is disabled.

The latest version of the driver software of the S line for data transfer software "SLOG" can be downloaded from the following.
License Agreement
Software provided in the "Niigata Seiki Home Page" can be downloaded only when the purpose of use on the following conditions.

Use conditions
  • It is used for the target model of software.
  • Do not use the software to business practices.(It is not sold to rental act and third parties)
  • It has the operating environment described in the software introduction
  • It does not matter that responsibility to Niigata Seiki for any damages caused by this software.
  • Modifying the software, or not reverse engineering.
Guarantee range of software
  • Download the introduction of the software will be done under the responsibility of the customer.
  • Software may be used to improve or change without notice.
  • If there are third-party programs in the software, separately, but will be made use license of the program for customers than other companies, as long as it does not conflict with the contents of the license agreement, the customer shall be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement describedYou have.
Copyright owner
Copyright of distribution software are the property of their Niigata Seiki Co., Ltd., except for those of particular described.
On the License Agreement of the check, please download.

Get latest versions

Soft name Edition Supported OS Version Last updated File capacity Download
SKLOG Lite Windows7・8・10 2021.12.28 About18.8MB download

Get USB Driver

Driver name Applicable Supported OS Version Last updated File capacity Download
FTDI USB Driver DTC Wired Cable Products Windows7・8・10 2.12.28 2017.08.24 About3.87MB download
ANT Driver MW series products Windows7・8・10 2011.04.12 About952kB download

Get previous versions

Soft name Edition Supported OS Version Last updated File capacity Download
SKLOG Lite Windows7・8・10 2021.11.22 About18.8MB download
Change log
  • Enhanced the EXCEL recording function so that recording can be set across multiple sheets.
    For example, you will be able to record multiple sheets in the same cell range from Sheet1 to Sheet3.
  • Enhanced the recording completion dialog to be displayed only when all the recordings of the connected measuring instruments are completed.
    All the items displayed for each measuring instrument will be displayed when recording is completed.
  • Enhanced to be able to record with the record button when the real-time setting is OFF
    The real-time function causes a momentary interruption and consumes a lot of battery power, so it is now possible to request and record measured values ​​only when the button is pressed.
  • The ANT communication measuring device is upgraded so that it changes to a green connection icon when communication is established after pressing the connection button.'
  • Upgrade to hide measuring instruments that cannot use the real-time function.
  • Fixed a bug that the Bluetooth BOX DL1 may be disconnected when recording using the record button.
  • Fixed a bug that the proxy processing of license authentication is incorrect.
  • Fixed a bug that a setting failure dialog appears even when the proxy is not used.
  • Fixed a bug that the real-time function is changed to ON when a command is sent even if the real-time function is OFF.
  • Fixed a bug that the resolution set on the "Measuring instrument setting screen" was not reflected.
  • For products whose names are difficult to understand on the product selection screen, change the display contents of the measuring instrument name.
Past version upgrade information
  • Supports proxy connection.
  • Fixed the degradation that may be judged as not installed even if EXCEL is installed.
  • Added the creation date and time to the setting file name with the export button of the application.
  • The initial value of ANT Dev No in the MW series is automatically set in conjunction with the measuring instrument No.
  • When the number of measuring instruments registered is 0, the product selection screen is displayed at startup.
  • The real-time function can be set for each measuring instrument.
  • Support for product registration by simply clicking the product name on the product selection screen.
  • Fixed not to start multiple when selecting a cell range of EXCEL.
  • Fixed a bug that data is sent once for the first time after the connection is completed with BluetoothBOX DTW-DG02.
  • Fixed a bug that freezes when using the EXCEL function on a computer that does not have EXCEL installed.
  • Fixed a bug that the setting file of the old version could not be read.
  • Added compatible models Digital S line height gauge (M series).
  • Added sound setting item when recording is completed.
  • Real-time communication is possible when a digital caliper or micrometer is connected by wire.
  • Fixed a bug in the number of resolution selectable errors in the digital S line indicator (MH, MW series).
  • Support for Win10 PC environment where Internet access may not be possible when using version check or demo version function (SSL library update).
  • Added support for DTW-DG02 (BluetoothBOX for Win10) models.
  • Fixed a bug that communication is not possible when measuring instruments of different communication types are deleted or added.
  • Fixed a bug that the measuring instrument No. and the measuring instrument different communication types are deleted or added.
  • Fixed the problem that the measuring instrument settings cannot be deleted. (for Ver1.1.11.1)
  • Easy identification of real-time buttons.
  • Fixed to be able to assign a shortcut key to the batch record button.
  • Fixed display position problem when editing shortcut keys.
  • Fixed an issue where the display balance would be incorrect on a high DPI computer.
  • Corrected notation of user registration function.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the cell position memory function.
  • Fixed the problem that the connection cannot be established because the "?" Icon is displayed when using the MW series.
  • Added support to record from the previous cell position even if the application is closed.
  • Fixed a communication disconnection bug during continuous recording with Bluetooth BOX for Levelnic
  • Fixed a bug that the reception of the measured value is not recognized
    when the same measured value is received twice in a row.
  • Added support to leave the active window as the recording destination application
    after recording in "Other recording"
  • Fixed a bug that measured values may not be received when recording CSV.
  • Fixed a bug in thread timer internal processing.
  • Added the function to enlarge / reduce the setting screen.
  • Fixed time-out processing and measuring instrument button operation recording problems in Levelnic related products.
  • Fixed to start Lite version even when Web license is not authenticated.
In addition to the above, updates, some specifications, and display changes are included for more comfortable use.
  • Added Levelnick DL-SXY.
  • Added timeout handling for Levlenick related products.
  • Added wireless / wired digital S-line indicators (MW series, MH series).
In addition to the above, updates, some specifications, and display changes are included for more comfortable use.
  • Improved reconnection processing for BLE devices.
  • Improved reconnection processing for BLE devices.Dialog display when export is completed.
  • Resolution display setting change bug fix.
  • Fixed a bug in the tolerance bar display when displaying a list.
  • Addressing the problem of layout collapse when displaying high DPI.
In addition to the above, updates, some specifications, and display changes are included for more comfortable use.
  • Added compatible models
    Bevel Box BB-180W
    Digital Protractor DP-10XY
  • Correct the initial value of the resolution setting
  • Fixed a bug that tolerance setting command is sent
In addition to the above, updates, some specifications, and display changes are included for more comfortable use.
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